Tulloch Turnal Broch (Langwell House)

Another Berriedale broch that has been plundered of stone through the centuries. Can't say I blame folks for making use of a ready supply of good stone, I'd have done the same, but it's still sad to see these things in such ruinous condition and quickly disappearing underground. A road ploughs through the back of this one, and apart from a short section of outside wall overlooking the river, there isn't much of the original stonework still visible.

Access is through the Langwell estate, so you should contact the Factor to arrange access. If you need to cross the river, the footbridge marked on the map directly in front of the broch no longer exists having been washed away in a recent spate. However, the bridge a couple of hundred yards downstream is still there.

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Tulloch Turnal broch photographs

Tulloch Turnal 01

Tulloch Turnal 02

Tulloch Turnal 03

Tulloch Turnal 04

Tulloch Turnal 05

Tulloch Turnal 06

Tulloch Turnal 07

Tulloch Turnal 08

Tulloch Turnal 09

Tulloch Turnal 10

Disclaimer: Some brochs were built with military defensive purpose, and as such can be situated in extremely dangerous areas, such as on the edge of cliffs and ravines. Additionally, these are Iron Age structures, most of them in ruins, and they are extremely hazardous, with crumbling stone walls and hidden chambers. Existing walls, lintels, and passages could collapse at any time. The information here is provided free but it is your responsibility to ensure its accuracy, ensure your own safety, and acquire permissions for access where necessary. Accessing brochs is done entirely at your own risk.