Skail broch (Eilean Garbh)

The remains of the broch were discovered during fieldwork apparently. It's built on a rocky escarpment with natural defences and is an integral link in the communications chain down Strath Naver. There isn't much left at all, which is why it probably went unnoticed for so long. I thought I made out a few wall stones in the rubble, but can't be sure.

I visited the site on the way back from the Inshlampie broch. I parked at Rhifail out of the way, spent some time finding the track marked on the map and it was a long walk, difficult going as it was wet and boggy in places after heavy rain. There is a gate through the deer fence near the broch, but there is no track up the hillside and I had to wade through deep bracken to reach it. That's the broch on the very top of the rocky escarpment in one of the photos below, so if you visit the site be careful.

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Skail broch photographs

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 01

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 02

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 03

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 04

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 05

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 06

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 07

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 08

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 09

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 10

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 11

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 12

Skail (Eilean Garbh) 13

Disclaimer: Some brochs were built with military defensive purpose, and as such can be situated in extremely dangerous areas, such as on the edge of cliffs and ravines. Additionally, these are Iron Age structures, most of them in ruins, and they are extremely hazardous, with crumbling stone walls and hidden chambers. Existing walls, lintels, and passages could collapse at any time. The information here is provided free but it is your responsibility to ensure its accuracy, ensure your own safety, and acquire permissions for access where necessary. Accessing brochs is done entirely at your own risk.